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dance-trance-musicAlternative Sonik Boom Records is sort of an online record label that allows you to upload your work without actually having a contract with a label. These corporations normally hold a bunch of non-beneficial rules that can bring more problems than help to the artist.

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Thanks to the online distribution of files it has become so much easier to release new songs without going through a record label. It is not that the purposes of the record label are now extinct; it only means that the barriers to not being able to release it without a contract are no longer there.

Our job is to work in synchrony with the artists; all this by helping them with the complete online distribution of their music without making them lose their money, time, and even their essence. Of course, we know the right channels to amplify the distribution and improve their sales!

We make your product Available in most online download sites including iTunes. Usually, our business works in the improvement of alternative artist that is able to mix genres as Britpop, gothic rock, and indie pop with electronic dance songs.

When house and techno first came on the scene in the mid-’80s, productions were minimal out of necessity.

Alternative Rock Musik Records, Dance Trance Music

sonik-boom-recordsAs the art of sampling and programming developed, the music became more layered and professional sounding — a progression according to some, but an unnecessary crossover moves to others.

Some of the songs that we have helped incur in the trance world are:

• Luar – Dramachild – Imminent Domain – Minimal Dark Techno – Sonik Boom Records by SonikBoom Records
• Mutated Mind Dark – Version 120 BPM – Luar – Ojo Fatuo – Techno Music by SonikBoom Records
• Mutated Mind – Luar – Ojo Fatuo – Dark Techno – Minimal Sonik Boom Records by SonikBoom Records
• The Chase – DramaChild – -Techno -Sonik-Boom-Records by SonikBoom Records
• Sword-Fish By Luar Aleman – Ojo Fatuo- Progressive Minimal – Minimal Techno by SonikBoom Records
• Red Cloud – Dark Minimal Techno – Minimal Music – Luar – Ojo Fatuo by SonikBoom Records

We will follow up with more reviews from tracks released exclusively on iTunes; so if you are an artist also doing this, please leave a comment and we will review your work.