East Derrick Henry Techno Music Progressive Trance

East – Derrick Henry- Techno Music New Track Released – Sonik Boom Records

East Derrick Henry Techno Music Progressive Trance

Sonik Boom Records Presents Techno Music. Derrick Henry. Progressive, trance

Track Name : East

Artist: Derrick Henry (Original Version)

Genre: Progressive Trance

Key C

Techno Music

Tempo: 128 BPM

This track was recorded in Denver City on June 20th

Derrick henry got his start in the colorado music scene in 2006 at the age of 19.
“it was at rock island of all places.” he remembers, “they told me i was the youngest
person in denver to have a weekly residency.It was a trip, i was hearing my name on
the radio and i had my own flier” he began waiting tables to pay for studio equipment
to begin his role as a producer. he began sending tracks overseas and to dave dresden,
which landed him opportunities to do remixes for, tiesto, cosmic gate, as well as
gabriel and dresden. “gabriel and dresden are hands down my biggest influence. Techno Music

it [that opportunity]
was likewinning the lottery” With deep, moody, etheral breakdowns contrasted by big-room gritty
electro synths, Derrick henry beganto shape his musical style. “i go off of the classical music
format, the introduction of the theme, the variant of the theme and the recapitulation of the theme…
the concept is actually simple, but the execution is staggering and almost painful. you have to
take this entire symphony and then have to layer it over the electro track you just made.i felt
like i was banging my head against the wall sometimes.” over the years, he began making his way
around the denver scene. Techno Music “the church, beta, blue ice, wicked garden and my new residency with keoki
at japoix… thats it i think. justin (dj soul rebel) and i used to run the sunday nights at the
toad tavern in littleton. but, i dont know if that counts as denver, we are still pretty small fish

Techno Music Derrick Henry Progressive Trance

Techno Music. Electronica Derrick Henry Progressive Trance